Protein Content of Winter Wheat Varieties in Oklahoma — 2017–2018

August 2018

General Information
Protein is just one of many attributes that determine end-use quality and marketability of winter wheat. In fact, some millers and bakers would argue that functionality of wheat protein is more important than the quantity of protein. While varietal differences commonly exist, variability in protein content among environments is generally much larger than variability in protein content among varieties. Factors such as N fertility and drought stress, for example, can sharply impact final wheat protein content.
To reflect these management and environmental impacts on wheat protein content, data are reported by variety and location in Table 1. In Table 2, we report the wheat protein content by variety as a deviation from location mean, as this allows for easier comparison among varieties across locations. Doublestop CL Plus, for example, is a variety which showed a positive deviation from the location mean in 92 percent of this year’s trials, indicating it has a tendency for above-average wheat protein content. Iba, on the other hand, showed a negative deviation from the location mean in 91 percent of the trials, indicating a tendency for lower than average wheat protein content. However, protein quantity should not be used as a barometer for protein quality (i.e., dough strength and functionality). There are a few exceptions to this, with Doublestop CL Plus being one example of relatively high protein content and protein quality.
Adequate N fertility as recommended by a recent soil test or sensor-based nitrogen management program can help ensure that varieties such as Iba produce wheat or flour protein within the acceptable range for end-use customers. Iba is also a prime example of how protein data can sometimes be misused, as the functionality of the protein in Iba is above average, which can offset lower absolute protein content. More information on end-use quality is available in Current Report CR-2165 Wheat and Flour Quality for Varieties Tested in OSU Variety Performance Tests.

Approximately 600-gram subsamples of wheat grain were collected from the OSU Wheat Variety Performance Test plots at harvest. These plots were well-fertilized and managed according to OSU Cooperative Extension recommendations. Additional information on test locations and management practices is available in Current Report 2143 2017-2018 Oklahoma Small Grains Variety Performance Tests on the web at Samples were stored in plastic containers for approximately one month following harvest. Samples were nondestructively analyzed for protein content on a 12 percent moisture basis using a Diode Array Near Infrared instrument (NIR) (model DA 7200, Perten Instruments, Sweden).






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