Prescribed Burn Associations

A Prescribed Burn Association is a group of land- owners and other concerned citizens that form a partnership to conduct prescribed burns safely. These partnerships are beneficial because the members can share equipment and labor, and it provides training for the members. Finally, it fosters good relations between neighbors and within the community in regards to the use of and need for prescribed fire.

Guidelines for Prescribed Burn Associations

Burn Associations should elect officers and a board of directors if multiple area/counties are involved. Officers should consist of landowners/lessees, agency/ university personnel can only provide technical assistance. Dues should be established to buy equipment for the association, and a fire training school should be planned annually.

Remember, the landholder still assumes liability for fire and must show proof of insurance before the burn. The landholder also is responsible for preparing firebreaks and they must be adequate. You should set a minimum number of personnel that must be present on each burn. Make sure you have an inventory of what equipment is available. Finally, members should assist with a certain number of burns before their land is burned. For more information see Prescribed Fire Associations NREM-2880 at: