Questions and Answers

What is the difference between a controlled burn and a prescribed fire?
The two phrases have the same meaning, but a prescribed fire is the application of fire to the land under specific conditions to accomplish specific land management goals and objectives. A controlled burn is a more generic term with different meanings to different people.
How do I manage the smoke from a prescribed fire?
There are many different ways to manage smoke, such as wind direction, you can read more in the Smoke Management section.
What is the recommended wind speed to conduct a prescribed burn?
Wind speed will vary with goals and objectives of the burn, you can read more in the Prescribed Fire Weather section.
How does fire affect woody plants like sumac, blackberry, mesquite, oak trees, or sand sagebrush?
Most woody plants will resprout after fire, you can learn more in the Fire Effects section.
What is the most important aspect about using fire to control woody plants?
Frequency is the most important factor in woody plant control, you can read more on Fire Frequency in the Fire Effects section.
Can fire be beneficial to white-tailed deer?
White-tailed deer utilize burned areas, you can read more about white-tailed deer in the Fire Effects section.
Is fire important to Bobwhite Quail?
Fire can be important to many aspects of Bobwhite Quail habitat, you can learn more about Bobwhite Quail in the Fire Effects section
What is the difference between sprouting and non-sprouting plants?
Plant response to fire can be divided into these two categories, you can read more on Fire Effects on Major Trees and Shrubs in the Fire Effects section.
Under what weather conditions should I burn?
This will depend on goals, experience, fuel load and several other factors, for more information visit the Prescribed Fire Weather section.
When is the best time of year to burn?
Burning does not have to limited to a single season of the year, read more on this in the Prescribed Fire Weather section under Burn Days.
What is fuel moisture?
This is the amount of moisture in a specific size fuel particle, read how to determine fuel moisture and more in the Fuel Moisture section.
What is a burn plan?
It is the written goals, prescription, equipment needed, crew needed, smoke management plan and several other items needed to safely conduct the burn. More information is available in the Fire Law/Fire Plans section, under Burn Plans.
What type of clothing should you wear while burning?
Different types of nonflammable clothing can be used, more details are available in the Prescribed Fire Safety section.
What is a firebreak?
A firebreak helps to delineate the burn unit, reduce fuel along the edge, as well as contributing to several other important elements. A more complete discussion is available in the Firebreaks section.
What type of firebreaks work the best?
This will depend upon the weather conditions, fuels, and many other factors. You can read about the various types firebreaks in the Firebreaks section under Firebreak Types.
What fuel mix should be used in a drip torch?
A typical mix is 50:50 gasoline to diesel, but this can vary with weather conditions. More details are available in Prescribed Fire Equipment section under Drip torch.
What is a prescribed burn association?
This is a group of landowners work together to help each other burn. The Prescribed Burn Associations section has more details.